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Senator Amara M. Konneh and Colleagues Introduce Presidential Transition Act of 2024

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Senator Amara M. Konneh and Colleagues Introduce Presidential Transition Act of 2024

In a collaborative effort aimed at bolstering Liberia’s democratic processes, Senator Amara Konneh and a colleagues have jointly submitted a draft bill titled the “Presidential Transition Act of 2024” to the Liberia Senate. This proposed legislation seeks to establish a legal framework for the smooth and organized transfer of political power from one democratically elected President to another.

Here are the key highlights of the draft bill:

Purpose of Act: The Act aims to ensure the proper management of the transfer of political power or administration between elected Presidents.

Establishment of Transition Team: A Joint Presidential Transition Team will be formed within 72 hours after the announcement of the Presidential election results. This team will comprise appointees from both the incumbent President and the President-Elect.

Functions of the Transition Team: The team will oversee various aspects of the transition process, including providing national security briefings, facilitating the transfer of executive powers, and liaising with government agencies.

Services and Facilities for Incoming and Former Leaders: The bill outlines provisions for office spaces, travel expenses, communication services, and security arrangements for the President-Elect and Vice President-Elect, as well as former Presidents and Vice Presidents.

Assets and Handover Notes: Detailed procedures are defined for the inventory and handover of physical assets and government documents by outgoing officials to the incoming administration.

Transitional Provisions: The Act includes provisions regarding the execution of major contracts during the transition period, presumption of the validity of government actions, and the status of non-tenured presidential appointees.

Senators Konneh and colleagues emphasized that the proposed legislation aims to uphold democratic values and ensure the continuity of governance in Liberia. They called for bipartisan support for the bill, highlighting its importance in safeguarding Liberia’s democratic gains.

The draft bill will undergo review and discussion in the Liberia Senate before potential enactment into law. Stay tuned for further updates on this significant legislative development.

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