Senator Amara Konneh

Today, I voted ‘yes’ for President Boakai’s $41.3 million spending request to finance the GoL’s operations for February. Though below 1/12 of last year’s recast budget of $771 million, which amounts to $64.3 million, I believe this special expenditure request is a step in the right direction to inject resources into a post-election economy to accelerate recovery. However, efforts to fast-track the preparation and approval of the 2024 budget must be a priority. In line with the PFM Act, upon approval of the budget for 2024 subsequently, the outturn of this special spending request will be reflected in the execution of the approved budget. According to the LRA, the projected revenue for February is about US$42.6 million. In the interest of transparency, I have attached the request and the debt payments scheduled for February.