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Together, we will develop Gbarpolu!

– Senator Amara M. Konneh



A Forward-Thinking Leader

Meet Amara Konneh

Drug Abuse & Rehabilitation
Gbarpolu, like the rest of Liberia grapples with a significant drugs epidemic, marked by the rise in substance abuse, particularly among the youth.
Promote and leverage opportunities in smallholder farming by identifying subsidies for farmers and other support including access to technology. Launch the 1 million cocoa plants program to make Gbarpolu a major cocoa producer to help alleviate poverty in the county.
Public Health
Strengthen healthcare infrastructure and services in all of Gbarpolu’s six administrative districts leveraging the opportunities of the newly constructed Emirates Hospital to serve Western Liberia – Bomi, Cape Mount and Gbarpolu Counties. Increase awareness and access to preventive healthcare measures, emphasizing community health education.
STEM Education
Improve access to quality education in all districts, prioritizing infrastructure rehabilitation, teacher training and instruction, and implement scholarship and incentive programs to encourage academic excellence with a gender lens.
Connect Gbarpolu County to the national electricity hub and explore renewable energy sources for sustainable power solutions, such as solar. Harness the opportunities in the West African Power Pool electrification project.
Mining and Forestry
Ensure that the current mining concessions operating in the Western Liberia Cluster including Bio-Chico fulfil their commitments to our people and country, and develop responsible mining and forestry practices, adhering to environmental regulations.
Advocate for increasing the County Development Fund to $1 million and together with the Social Development Fund financed by mining and forestry companies operating in the county, improve road connectivity within and between districts, emphasizing infrastructure maintenance and markets to boost commerce and agriculture productivity.
Mobile, Internet and Digital Financial Inclusion
Expand mobile and internet connectivity to bridge the national digital divide, focusing on remote and marginalized communities. And promote mobile money services for farmers to enhance transactions transaction with urban buyers.
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Senator Konneh's Biography

Meet Amara M Konneh – elected senator who ran an issues-based campaign to restore trust in government, creating economic opportunity for all, implement smart growth policies, and promote health and wellness.

Gbarpolu Highlights

Gbarpolu, nestled in the heart of Liberia, beckons forward-thinking investors and partners to join hands in unlocking a myriad of opportunities across diverse sectors

Join Us to Develop Gbarpolu.

In envisioning the future of Gbarpolu County, we hold steadfast to a profound belief—a future where every citizen not only survives but thrives, where communities are not just functional but vibrant, and where progress is not exclusive but inclusive. At the core of our mission lies a compelling call to action, urging each member of our community to actively participate in sculpting this vision into reality.

Our Stand

By prioritizing these areas, we aim to uplift individuals and enhance our community. A strong healthcare system, quality education, support for agriculture, youth development, improved road infrastructure, and good governance are the pillars of our vision.

Senator Amara M. Konneh

Leadership In Action

Senator Amara is a distinguished leader dedicated to safeguarding the interests of all citizens. With a remarkable commitment to democracy, he played a pivotal role in overseeing the Unity Party Alliance Situation Room, ensuring the protection of citizen votes during critical electoral events.

Comprehensive Oversight

Senator Amara effectively led a team of 11,000 plus workers, comprising district coordinators, magisterial tally agents, precinct supervisors, and poll watchers. This intricate network was meticulously organized to meet the citizen need, demonstrating a comprehensive approach to safeguarding the electoral process

Strategic Deployment

Recognizing the importance of timely and accurate information, we deployed motorbikes across electoral districts. This strategic move facilitated the efficient collection of election results, demonstrating a commitment to transparency and the swift dissemination of crucial information

The Latest News

Stay informed, your go-to source for the most recent updates on Senator Amara M. Konneh’s initiatives, community engagements, and key developments in Gbarpolu County.